For the past few days, Italy has been under lockdown as death toll related to coronavirus has risen to 2,158 and over 27,980 have been infected.

On Monday, 349 new cases were reported in the country and more and more cases are being reported almost every minute.

No doubt that the situation is overwhelming and tense but, there is an unexpected positive side to the pandemic that is coming to light.

Since Italy is under lockdown, the streets are empty, shops are closed and the NO2 pollution levels have also significantly dropped. 

Water flowing through the canals in Venice have become clearer, after so long due to reduced pollution. The fishes have returned and so have the swans. 

The skies are clear, the pollution has gone down, the streets are clean and it’s definitely a beautiful sight to see. 

The dolphins have also come back to the canals in Venice. 

Even ducks are busy laying eggs. 

While some netizens were amazed to see other life forms come back to life during the quarantine, there were others who blamed humans for taking nature for granted. 

A tragic silver lining to the epidemic.