Sleeping in the right posture is really important.

Actually, I’m having a severe neck pain right now not because I slept in wrong position last night, but because I saw this.

If you’ve pulled an all-nighter, you’d know how much sleep we humans need to function properly. Well, not every creature enjoys that luxury.

It is believed that giraffes, the tallest animals in the world, sleep only for a few minutes at a stretch. While adult giraffes generally sleep in standing position, babies, lay down with their legs tucked beneath their bodies and rest their heads on their rumps.

Like this.


It seems they are their own best pillows.

Tambako The Jaguar

This is me after one hell of a party.


This sure looks like the toughest Yoga pose Baba Ramdev would suggest.


Meanwhile, me trying to touch my feet with my hands and failing at that too.


Dirt nap?

Blushing Crow



I’m gonna go look for my neck pillow.