Coronavirus has taken the world under its grip and everyone knows at this point, that the wisest thing to do is to stay inside their homes.

Which only means one thing for the animals: More space to explore. Here are some incidents of animals reclaiming public places now that humans can’t go out.

1. In a surprising and fascinating sight, hundred of Flamingoes gathered at a creek in Navi Mumbai.

2. Penguins crossing the intersection, walking freely on deserted streets of Cape Town.

3. Peacocks seen at various places in Mumbai as the birds reclaim public spaces.

4. Olive ridley sea turtles return to the beaches of Odisha for the biggest mass nesting in 7 years.

5. Bears take a stroll on the roads of Tirumala as humans find themselves restricted to their homes.

6. A pride of lions sleeping on the road in Kruger National Park, South Africa because there are no visitors for obvious reasons.

7. Mountain goats of Great Orme take a day off to travel to nearby town of Llandudno.

8. Deer walk around in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka much to the fascination of locals.

I wonder how the animals feel about our sudden absence from the scene!