Disclaimer: This article contains graphic content. Reader’s discretion is advised. 

Instances of animal brutality have been surfacing on the internet for quite sometime.

Recently, the story of an adorable lion cub being tortured, in Russia, by some cruel people surfaced online and sparked outrage. 

Reportedly, the lion cub was taken away from his mother when he was just a few months old, to be used as a tourist attraction and was brutally tortured.

People who practically stole the cub from his mother, tied him up in a barn, broke his legs and wounded his spine. They did so because they didn’t want the cub to run away. 

But as luck would have it, some good samaritans rescued the wounded lion cub and took him straight to the vet. He underwent surgery and his saviours named the lion Simba. 

This is how Simba was found by the rescuers. 

He was badly wounded and scared. 

Karen Dallakyan, a vet in Russia was responsible for saving brave Simba’s life.

This horrific incident angered many people, including the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. According to reports, Putin personally ordered a criminal investigation into the matter.

After successful surgery, Simba was taken good care of by some kind-hearted people and some amazing doctors.  

Simba had to relearn a lot of things like walking, playing and trusting humans again. 

He is now leading a happy life and is growing to become a cute and playful lion.

This is him, one year later. Healthy, happy and fit. 

It’s sad to know that there are some people out there who seek pleasure in torturing innocent, helpless animals. As humans, we must learn to rise above this because it’s unacceptable. 

But, thanks to some good souls, this story also gives us hope and reinstates our faith in humanity. 

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