Nearly every part of the world today is dealing with the consequences of climate change. Time and again, we are reminded by nature how soon the world is going to be a difficult place for us to live in.  

Researchers have made an observation that sharks can now survive on land. Now as scary as it may sound there’s more danger to this. The epaulette shark can now walk on land as they are adapting to climate changes. 

 Reports claim that these sharks can even survive without oxygen:

These walking sharks are capable of surviving in the complete absence of oxygen (anoxia) for two hours without any adverse effects, that too at a much higher temperature than most other hypoxia-tolerant animals.

In a Twitter thread, The Weather Channel India explained how these walking sharks are found  in the reef flats around Australia’s southern Great Barrier Reef.

These sharks have some extraordinary traits that include- “to be more agile, survive in hostile environments as their habitats change, & help sustain their physiological performance under challenging environmental conditions — including those associated with ClimateChange.” 

Now even though walking sharks have been described in past studies, epaulettes sharks are the ones that can cover large distances in the absence of oxygen.

Considering the rate of #ClimateChange, it may only be a matter of time before sharks start haunting the land as well!

People on Twitter are now worried about how soon this may be a danger to their life too.

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