Whosoever has said that ‘a dog makes our life whole’ is absolutely correct. From having a pooch in our life to having had one, there is literally nothing and no one that can beat our love for our canine companion.  


This theory of ‘my doggy over everything’ has now been proved too. A study conducted by an American organic treat wanted to see how close pet parents are to their pets. It suggested that canine pets receive way more love and affection than their human counterparts. 


The survey suggested that 52 percent of pet parents admitted to kissing their dogs more than their own partners. 


It also suggested that 52 percent of dog owners also admitted that they prefer sleeping in bed with their dogs more than their own partners.   

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This study further on also found that a whopping 94 percent of pet parents confessed that their pet doggy is one of their best friends. 

While this might seem very weird for people who have never been a dog parent, the rest of them who have their dog companion by their side can more than relate to it. There indeed is no true love like the love for a dog!