Ah, things we do for our desires! When you’re attracted to somebody and wish to fast-forward things to physical intimacy, you put effort into capturing their attention, hoping they like you back. Sometimes, those actions do the job, while other times, you repel them completely. As a teenager with over-enthusiastic hormones, especially, you may have found yourself doing naive things to attract someone. And regardless of the ultimate outcome, they must be a story to remember.


Like these 12 people on Reddit are recalling the weirdest things they did to get laid. They’re adorable and hilarious at the same time. Take a look –


1. “Chatted with a lady online long enough till she finally agrees to go out. Tells me ahead to pick her up as she trusts her dog to be a judge of men and wants her dog to meet me. No worries, before I show up I smear some raw hamburger on my shoes. The dog loves me. Eeezeee peezeee.”

– Jesus_LOLd

2. “Drove an hour each day to take my dog to a dog park because there were lots of gorgeous ladies there.”

– Rocjames77


3. “I read books about Van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezannes and a few others to impress a girl. Did not get laid, but 25 year laters had a blast at the Musee d’Orsay. Totally vindicated.”

– aceh40

4. “Accidentally asked a girl on a date that lived 1000 miles away. I’d matched her on a dating app while on business, but didn’t notice where she was from. We kept talking anyways, and I ended up securing the date. She flew out to see me. We dated long distance for a long while, and then I moved to be closer. We’re married now.”

– Good-Astronomer-1138


5. “I pretended to be afraid of flying once on a plane because the woman next to me was hot. Got her number and hooked up with her later.”

– Moonlight-gospel

6. “Watched someone’s rabbit for the weekend. Not only did I NOT get laid…They never came back for the rabbit. RIP floppy.”

– Acceptable_Meal_5610


7. “Bought a trash can. My college girlfriend (now wife) told me she refused to officially date anyone unless they had a trash can in their bathroom. Looking back, now it is a wonder how I didnt have one in there in the first place, but you bet your ass I drove to get a trashcan as fast as I could. I guess I didn’t just do it to get laid but it was what kicked off our relationship.”

– Kakunamatatata

8. “I read all the Twilight books. I got her and it was super worth it.”



9. “Waited outside in my car for 45 minutes for her and her ex to stop fighting and him to leave so I could get in.”

– SpiritualPants

10. “I didn’t get laid, but when I moved from middle school to high school, a girl I had a massive crush on told me she was going to sign up for the culinary class. I had no interest in cooking, but I signed up for it so I could have a class with her. She moved away about 3 weeks into the school year, and it was too late for me to switch out, so I ended up getting stuck in culinary. I loved it and did it all 4 years of high school.”

– JackCooper_7274


11. “I used Google translate to talk to a Brazilian woman in a dating app. She agreed to meet, not realizing that neither of us knew the other’s language. Somehow, we managed to communicate enough to seal the deal once in person.”

– My3rdTesticle

12. “I once pretended to be a history buff to impress a guy in my class who I thought was super smart. Turns out he was just a walking Wikipedia and didn’t even know I was faking it! LOL.”

– Beneficial-Cow9724

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What one concludes reading all the responses is that dogs are a great ice-breaker.