Imagine going on a bike/scooter ride with your best four-legged friend. It surely will be a lot of fun. 

That’s what a Tamil Nadu guy was filmed doing. He took his furry pooch as a pillion rider while driving his bike and to everyone’s utter disbelief, the doggo had his own helmet. 

Let alone carrying out this plan with no support behind the dog, the man makes this difficult effort look sumptuously easy with his calm and composed driving. 

And the dog, though sitting in a not-so-natural position, seems to be complying just fine. 


Even though such sights are rare, we’ve seen dogs riding pillion before.

One such incident happened in Mumbai, when a BBC reporter was photobombed by one such dog-human partnership.  


While most netizens loved the adorable video and people soon poured in their comments on this beautiful bond between the doggo and his owner: 

:Some claimed the video risked the dog and others on the road. 

But in the end, all’s well that ends well and we must laud the owner for providing a helmet to his furry friend.