Trigger warning: The article contains disturbing information and images ahead. Reader’s discretion advised.

In a shocking, awful, and disgraceful incident, more than two hundred stray dogs were culled in Telangana’s Siddipet district. This appalling inhuman happening came to light when one of the pet dogs went missing in Thigul village.

As per reports, the village sarpanch and secretary of Thigul village hired professional dog catchers and poisoned them by administering lethal injections.

The incident took place on March 27, and later, a villager alerted an NGO in Hyderabad about this situation. 

Animal activist Adulapuram Goutham has filed a complaint against the village sarpanch and secretary for the mass killing and dumping of the carcasses of these dogs into huge pits.

Reportedly, a police complaint has been registered against the Thigul village sarpanch, and the bodies of the dogs will be sent for post mortem.

These 100 dogs were killed within a day. Over the last three months over 200 dogs from the village have been poisoned and killed.

-Adulapuram Goutham

This is not the first incident that has come to light of animal cruelty. In July, more than 60 monkeys were poisoned and left to die in Karnataka’s Hassan district.

To treat animals with such brutality is shameful. We hope the culprits are well punished for this.