Have you ever heard a fox laugh? No? Never? Well then, you are in for a treat. 

A video of foxes laughing while being tickled by their handler in an amusement park is going viral on social media. Why?

People on the internet just can’t get over their goofy laughter but, you have to hear it to believe it yourself. Twitter user mollyfprince shared the adorable video on social media. Check it out.

The three adorable foxes in the clip are named Finnegan, Dixie and Vixie. These cutie pies seem to be thoroughly enjoying their ticking session and they are definitely having the time of their life. 

However, this is an old video. This video was originally shared in March by Save A Fox, a non-profit organisation that aims to rescue foxes and find forever homes for them. Though, the video resurfaced on Twitter recently, all thanks to Molly. 

Even Twitter users were amused by the foxes hilarious laughter. 

Well, at least now we know what does the fox say.