It is no news that stray animals across the country are the worst hit during the nationwide lockdown. Struggling to look for leftovers in public places, they’re having a tough time trying to fend for themselves.    


But in a heartfelt gesture, Drishti Marine, the agency appointed by the state government for lifeguard duties in Goa were spotted feeding the strays on Keri beach. 

The Drishti Marine lifeguards laid out bowls filled with food to ensure these stray doggos were well fed. 

Assuming that these strays were dependent on locals, tourists, and the shacks for leftovers, they would have had a tough time trying to sustain themselves amidst the lockdown. 

But these lifeguards fed as many stary doggos as they could find on the Keri beach stretch. 

Twitter; ANI

Netizens are lauding these responsible lifeguards for going above their duty to help these adorable furballs: 

If you know of any stary animals in your vicinity, please feed them during these tough times, they need us now more than ever.