In association with Bajaj Pulsar

If you’ve ever been to Mumbai, it’s impossible you haven’t at least once considered settling down there. For one, the city never goes to sleep. The thriving nightlife of the city, cloaked by the salty air of the Arabian Sea teaches you to dream with your eyes open, with every street, nook, and corner brimming with life and a story to tell.

But along with millions of such dreams, Mumbai is also home to a nightly parade of adventure-seeking bikers who dazzle the city streets with their thrilling escapades. Binding the city’s art, culture, history, and dazzling nightlife, these bikers offer us a new perspective on what it’s like to explore Mumbai as a creature of the night. So this time around, we too joined the gang to go around and capture Mumbai at night. And we kid you not, these breathtaking shots will make you fall in love with Mumbai all over again!

See it for yourself.

1. The sharp alleys of Ballard Pier.

2. The hard hitting moves of b-boys at Reclamation.

3. The elegant gothic architecture of the Basilica of our Lady of the Mount in Bandra.

4. The illuminated streets of Malad.

5. Sunrise at Powai Lake.

6. The bustling promenade of Bandra Carter road.

7. The mural artsy estate of Chapel road.

8. The enthralling wall murals at Kala Ghoda.

Our nocturnal biker rode the new Pulsar N250 to go around and explore the hidden gems of Mumbai. Not gonna lie, but we’re enthused to explore the  majestic aura of the city on the new Pulsar N250 – that is now the brand’s flagship model and already a hit in premium sport motorcycling with its impressive performance. You can click here to check out the bike.

Even though I am not a Mumbaikar, the city has always smitten me. And these stills are doing full justice in capturing the beauty of Mumbai. What do you think, would you sign up for a chaperoned ride at night?