Mumbai is the city of love, dreams and crazy frickin’ wealth. Be it renewed celebrities or the wealthiest businesspersons, the city has no dearth of rich people. They are so affluent that the people around them always have some bizarre stories to tell about them.

In a thread, people who have worked for these individuals reveal the things they have seen and trust us, THEY ARE WILD. Let’s take a look!

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1. “My junior comes from a very rich family. Once, our work group, including her, was in her native city for another colleague’s wedding. On our way back, we went to a hotel to have dinner before catching the train. We ordered the regular meal. But then, her dad called her and asked her to give the phone to the hotel manager. After a short call, our dishes were taken back and we were served a new course with generous portions and fresher batches. After a hearty meal, the manager folded his hand when we asked for a bill.” -Anakulosmos

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2. “Someone I know bought a BMW 7 series. The next day, his nephew goes for a spin and says that he loves his car. His uncle asked him to keep it.” -Illustrious_Meet_969

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3. “Someone I know used to work for a rich industrialist. Their family owned some cows from Switzerland which were in air-conditioned barns 24/7, but their staff who milked the cows were hosted in non-AC quarters.” -notyourdreamp

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4. “My relative works for Nita Ambani as her assistant. On her daughter’s wedding, the Ambani’s, as a wedding present, gifted her a 15-day trip to Switzerland (all-inclusive with a 5-star stay) and a VW Sedan.” -boiledanda

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5. “I was involved in the construction of a new house for one of Mumbai’s top real estate tycoons. It was designed by one of the world’s most famous architects. It was a beachfront house on Juhu for a family of 5. There were ground plus five floors, each for entertainment, dining, studio and main bedroom, closet and bathroom. Their bathroom itself was bigger than most average flats in Mumbai. The whole house had 4 lifts, a gym, 3 swimming pools, and a climbing wall for the kids. So much other random rich stuff that I can’t remember.” -Substantial_Fox7706

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6. “I once installed a fish aquarium at a very rich person’s place. His building was almost sea-touching. When we entered the house, the drawing room was as big as a small wedding hall with no one there, except some servants. We opened another door and whoosh, we were almost blown away – it was a balcony, with a full 180-degree sea facing with winds blasting your face. The person was #3 head in the Piramal Group.” -Indian_Steam

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7. “During my internship at a fancy travel agency, one of my coworkers had a client who wanted a 30-day trip to a Scandinavian country for her family. My coworker went to her house, which was this amazing penthouse with a view of the Worli Sea Link, to plan the itinerary. The client’s husband was like, “Yeah, we’ve already spent like 50 crores this year, so let’s keep the costs in check.” -casuallywinyy

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9. “A teacher confiscated a student’s phone as you can’t use it during school hours. The dude went straight to a store after school and bought a new one. The teacher confiscated that one too. He went and bought another one. At the end of the term, he didn’t even bother to get the other two phones back.” -ImmediateAd8047

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10. “I work as an office assistant and our chairman is a ₹500 crore person. I have been to his house many times to deliver medicine. All rich people have a lot of curtains and pillows in their drawing rooms and the family members don’t speak to each other very often.” -iwanttoaskhere

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11. “I’m in the medical field. Rich people don’t come to the hospital, they can get the doctor or any particular medical staff they want to come to their house. I was once called in for a consultation with the client’s grandma. The grandma had at least 6 staff members to cater to her and she lived in a separate suite within the house with a bedroom, lounge, and dining table with twenty chairs. The house had an eagle in chains on one of its legs and was tied around a tree at the entrance.” -EntrepreneurAdept171

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12. “An entire swing made out of real silver and to be cleaned every, each and every inch so it doesn’t start blackening. There was also a private terrace with all the pieces of furniture made out of silver.” -No-Ranger-1919

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