It doesn’t take much to realise the rich inhabit a realm several light-years above ours. Their lifestyle is grand but infinite times of the sense we would derive from the word. This is particularly true for billionaires. You see, theoretically, there’s a rift even between millionaires and billionaires. “My friend and I were in Aspen last year and overheard a woman complaining how the billionaires were pushing out the millionaires”, remarked a Redditor recently.


They were discussing secret (not-so-secret-now) luxury brands only the rich exclusively know about. While we may never know about the legitimacy of Svenborgia, a hypothetical European country only the rich are familiar with, these 10 brands exist for real. And for most of them, their costs for seemingly bare minimum things is our years-worth of income. There are yet others so elite they are not even accessible to us unless we receive an invite. Take a look – 


1. “There are islands in the Caribbean and Pacific where billionaires go to get away from millionaires.”

– techno_superbowl


2. “My favourite discovery was the wealthy version of Craig’s List. It’s called the James Edition and it’s so much fun to flip through and be sad.”

– Yesterdays_Gravy

James Edition

3. “Frette bed linens.”

– WaluigiIsTheRealHero


4. “Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Bottles of Pinot Noir that can cost more for one 750ml bottle than lots of people make in a year.”

– zweigelt

Winer Searcher

5. “Hästens beds. Hand made and half a million dollars.”

– SmootherPebble


6. “Pine Valley Golf Club. You can’t apply. TWO members have to approach YOU on their own. You aren’t supposed to tell anyone you’re a member or write about it. If you do, you can get punted. The club is an actual municipality with private homes. There is no cash allowed; everything gets charged to your number (except caddie tips and bets). When we played, we had two caddies; we tipped them a grand. They also got salary, benefits and a 401(k) match. It’s also widely considered the best and the toughest golf course on the planet. No one outside the membership knows what the fee is.”

– candidly1

Golf Digest

7. “Vacheron Constantin. Most of their models show ‘price on request’ in their catalogue, meaning if you have to know, you probably can’t afford it. Saw someone with the price of a house on his wrist while eating at Masa.”

– Big_Custard7976

Vacheron Constantin

8. “Stave Puzzles! Hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles that are customizable. The cheapest starts somewhere around $400 and can go up to $8,000 per puzzle. Not a secret by any means, but people are always shocked to learn about this subset of puzzle culture!”

– mvp01235

Stave Puzzles

9. “There’s luxury logistics and leading that is a company called AirSea Packing, they handle the furniture and artwork of presidents, CEO’s, kings, and all the luxury brands you think of.”


AirSea Packing

10. “Loewe’s. They have gorgeous trench coats for those willing and able to spend $14,000 on a coat. I want to live where a coat isn’t needed because it doesn’t get that cold.”

– Suitable_Squash2698


In a parallel universe, these brands seem very ordinary to my palace of limitless wealth, a palace of illusions.