While scrolling through Instagram reels, you sometimes come across a video that intrigues you so much that you go on to check the page, and before you know it, your entire afternoon is gone watching these videos. The same thing happened when I came across a page on Instagram called, VuloxVanity, which had BEAUTIFUL vintage makeup product videos, and what can I say, my day was made. Here are some of those vintage makeup products that REALLY need to make a comeback. Check Out!

1. The 1930s Richard Hudnut Compact

2. Lipstick Matches from the 1950s

3. The 1930s Mondaine Book Compact

This compact plus rouge combo also had a compartment for cigarettes.

4. The 1940s Trio-ette by House of Platé

5. 1930s Triple Vanity by Houbigant

6. Pocket watch-shaped face powder

Not just classy-bougie makeup packaging, there were some really cute and fun ones too. Look at these –

7. The 1970s Avon Lipgloss shaped like a burger

vintage makeup products
vintage makeup products

8. 1970s Avon Sunnyside Up Lipgloss

Back to the oh-so-beautiful vintage-y looks

9. The 1940s Volupté Compact

10. The 1950s Stratton Lipstick Case

11. The 1960s Solid Perfume

12. Lipstick tissues 

13. The 1930s Houbigant compact

14. The 1920s Manicure Set

15. The 1920s Richard Hudnut Compact

16. The 1950s Volupté Compact

17. The 1950s Wadsworth Compact

18. The 1940s Volupté Quint Compact

19. The 1920s Mondaine Leather Compact

20. The 1950s Volupté Musical Carryall Compact

21. The 1950s Carstairs lipstick

I mean, look how pretty these are! Not just that, they are so versatile too. And all of these products have mirrors!!! I don’t know what made makeup companies think that we don’t need mirrors anymore. Forget the usefulness part, these products are so effing beautifully packaged that I’d buy them just to look at them all day long!

Also, forget big bags, we won’t even need a huge-ass pocket and still have all of our makeup – what a beautiful world would that be?!

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