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For most people, hair loss is a bit like Thanos — inevitable. And sometimes it feels totally unfair. You try so hard to pamper your hair, but like the beautiful and mysterious stranger at the bar, it rejects all your advances and continues to leave your head. But is it really so hard to understand hairfall and prevent it? 

As much as we like to blame bad genes or lack of hair care as a cause for hair loss, there are loads of environmental factors that could be responsible for your hair loss too. Which means that with some simple changes to our day to day life, we could slow down our hairline’s upward march. 

1. Stress

That’s right, you need to take a chill pill above all! Stress can be one of the major reasons why you’re losing all that hair. So let’s sit back, cut ourselves some slack and practice some mindfulness.

2. Diets

What you eat makes a huge difference to your hair too. Junk diets and skipping meals can lead to hair loss due to the absence of amino efficient proteins that are necessary for healthy hair. You hear that? Eat your meat and eggs and proteins! 

3. Getting less sleep. 

Sleep is generally a very important and overlooked part of keeping our body healthy. Not getting a good night’s rest can lead to loads of imbalances in the body and one way that can manifest itself is hair loss. 

4. Exposure. 

It does seem like the world outside can be a tough place for hair. Too much sun, too much dust, exposure to swimming pool water or seawater — all of these things contribute to hair loss and poor hair health. Make sure you cover your head in extreme conditions and always wear a swimming cap (while swimming. It would be odd if you wore it to your cousin’s wedding).

5. Usage of toxic products. 

Last but not the least, we need to be careful about the products that we apply to our hair. You need to throw out products that have parabens and phthalates and look to get naturally developed, trustworthy products that will reduce hair loss and boost gradual growth.

One such product, that has been developed using 14 potent ayurvedic ingredients like Nili, Bhringraj, Draksha, and Yashtimadhu which rejuvenate the dead hair follicles and help grow new hair in just 2 months, is Vatika’s Neelbhringa21 hair oil. Vatika Neel is not only natural but has also been approved by doctors as a remedy for hair fall and growth with benefits such as reducing hair thinning, strengthening roots, and removing dandruff. The oil has been formulated according to an ancient ayurvedic process of Taila Pak Vidhi, which is a 21-hour-long extensive oil preparation process. It is proven to help with hair growth twice as fast and thrice as thicker. It also has an ergonomically easy-to-use comb applicator, which helps the oil reach deep into the roots and is also mess-free.

If you are someone who believes in Ayurvedic oil supremacy, Dabur’s Vatika Neelibhringa21 Hair Growth oil is a god sent for you. Also, it does seem like all-natural is the way to go. Just use it 4 times for 8 weeks and you’ll be good to go. 

This video, showing how the good people at Dabur make this natural hair oil shows just how much thought and care goes into making it. 

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