From cosmetic procedures to skin treatments, people keep experimenting when it comes to achieve a glowing skin. Some of them avoid them all and prefer natural home-based products. Coz’ who wants bad skin, right? Be it turmeric, honey, coffee, or papaya extract, everything feels good on the layer of our skin.

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Now imagine you visit a salon and you learn that there is a Nightingale poop facial available there.

Would you give it a try? You will be like: Eeeuuuww! Bird excretion over face? Are you crazy?

Source: Mirror/Tim Anderson

Well, celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise, and Harry Styles have allegedly tried it. You might be having second thoughts about it, right? People are paying £180 (approximately ₹18,000) for a 90-minute session at a salon offering its service in the United Kingdom, Daily Mail reported.

Also known as ‘Geisha facial’, it is believed to have anti-aging properties and treats acne scars. According to a UK therapist, the bird poop facial was first discovered in Japan in the 17th Century. The report further stated that geisha girls and kabuki (Japanese dance-drama performers) would use it to repair the skin damage as they were prone to heavy lead-based make-up products.

Source: tsunagu Japan

How do salons collect this excretion, you wonder?

The report suggests that the bird droppings are taken from a particular type of nightingale, which is native to Kyushu, an island in Japan. It further claims that only a very few places offer this facial, and when they do, its service is quite expensive.

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No matter how gross this poop facial may feel like, it is organic and vegan ‘coz these nightingales are fed berries and seeds. Their droppings are treated with ultra-violet rays in order to sanitise and dehydrate them. Then the collection is churned into a fine powder of soft yellow colour and sent to salons.

So, are you going to apply this bird poop facial on your face? Anyway, BRB, I have to throw up. 🤢

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