From real gold face masks to diamond peels, here are some incredibly luxurious beauty treatments you won’t find at an average spa. Beauty is costly and there are always people willing to pay for expensive treatments.

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These procedures promise youthful and glowing skin with use exotic ingredients. Here are some of the most luxurious and expensive treatments out there! 

1. Bee Venom Facial – $325

This is the priciest aesthetic procedure, with an ounce of venom costing close to $50,000.


At specialized centers, a single treatment may cost $325. Famous people who like the bee venom facial include Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

2. Vampire Facelift – $2500

A vampire facelift is a cosmetic procedure that uses the patient’s blood. Like a vampire facial, which uses micro-needling, a vampire facelift injects both plasma and a hyaluronic acid filler.


 It is a non-invasive procedure requiring only topical anesthesia. The results last for about a year, with immediate smoothing, and improved skin texture and glow.

3. Real 24k Gold Mask – Up To $400

Gold is used for more than just jewelry. It has been a not-so-secret beauty product for years. It can lessen acne and aid in the healing of infections.


Gold face masks frequently provide the skin with a radiant, healthy appearance. A genuine 24-karat gold mask can cost up to $400. Popular figures like Irina Shayk prefer the procedure.

4. White Caviar Illuminating Facial – $1250

Ritz Carlton New York Central Park Hotel has an exclusive $1250 while caviar illuminating facial treatment. The treatment has the anti-aging benefits of caviar extracts. The 90-minute La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating Facial brightens the skin.


It is a luxury experience for hyper-pigmentation and age spots.

5. 20-Hands Duo Massage -$2,000

What is it like to have ten people giving you a massage? The Grand Wailea Resort in Maui decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary by offering the service. It costs $2,000 for a 50-minute massage.

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According to the resort, the masseuses are trained to give a perfect simultaneous massage and it is a uniquely relaxing experience.

6. Evian Bath – $6,000

The Evian bath is the most expensive in the world, costing $6,000. It uses one thousand liters of Evian spring water.

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According to the advertising, it helps revitalize the skin and relax your body. Serena Williams was the first person to try it and claimed that she “could feel the difference from the moment I stepped in – the water felt so pure.”

7. Thread Lift – $4,000

A thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure for the face, neck, or jowls in which threads, which have small cones/graspers on them, are passed under the skin via a large needle.

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The cones then grab the skin from the undersurface and pull to re-suspend the skin in a youthful position. It is an alternative to a surgical face lift. It costs approximately $4,000.

8. White Diamond Manicure- $1 Million

Kelly Osbourne got a 1 million dollar white diamond manicure. She became the first person in the world to get Azature’s white diamond manicure.

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She later claimed that it was an act of philanthropy, since a lot of the proceeds were going to go to charities.

9.  Ted Gibson Hair Cut- $1,200

Hair stylist Gibson is responsible for some world renowned red carpet hairstyles. His star clientele includes Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway.

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However, a session of hairwash, cut, dry, and styling, along with a stress relieving massage and hot towel treatment costs $1,200.

10. HD Ruby And Diamond Peel – $7,000

Ruby and diamonds can also do wonders for your skin. BORBA, a skincare products company, created the HD Ruby and Diamond Peel.


The precious gemstones have antioxidant properties and make your skin glow. It costs $7,000. After the facial scrub, the client will receive a paraffin silk fiber facial to finish the treatment.