Bigg Boss is known for drama, and rivalries, but it’s also about friendships that go on. And over time, we’ve witnessed a lot of such equations on the show, that continued to stay the same much after it ended. While we’re hoping to see similar duos in Bigg Boss 16, audiences grew fond of these contestants’ friendship in the past.

1. Manu & Manveer

The duo managed to win many hearts with their friendship on the show. Manu had talked about their equation and shared that they stay in touch, even when they cannot meet each other at all times – given their work commitments.

Source: Times of India

2. Delnaaz & Sayantani

The actresses met on Bigg Boss 6 and got along pretty well. Even today, they continue to be friends who are there for each other. Delnaaz had also penned a special note for Sayantani, on her wedding, mentioning how happy she’s for her friend.

Source: YouTube

3. Gaurav & Bani

While they dealt with their share of ups and downs, like any close friends, their bond only grew over time. After the show, fans asked Gaurav if he was still in touch with Bani, and soon Bani had swooped in to answer it for him. She then joked about how they find each other in the gym, like their Bigg Boss days.

Source: India Today

4. Shweta & Ashmit

After the two met each other in Bigg Boss 4, they were often appreciated for the genuine friendship that they had. Reportedly, they continue to be in touch after all these years, and often engage in banter on social media.

5. Pratik & Nishant

They hit it off from the very first episode, and were even referred to as ‘Jai and Veeru’. Nishant had talked about their equation, the fact that it didn’t change after the show, and how they aim to maintain that.

Bigg Boss
Source: Pinkvilla

6. Hina & Priyank

The two certainly witnessed a number of setbacks during their time on Bigg Boss 11, but ended up becoming a solid team. Even after the show ended, we continued to share the same relationship and the internet is all for it.

Source: News18

7. Rahul & Aly

Rahul Vaidya had talked about his friendship with Aly Goni, after the show. He went on to share that their bond is unchanged, and they both value each other deeply. Even if they do not meet very often, it’s the same comfort, when they do.

Source: Zee News

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