Moving on from a bad breakup is the worst, especially if you were on the receiving end of the heartbreak. We all know that all-consuming cycle of dejection and misery; how it takes all of us to channelise the pain into something productive. But what if your relationships funded your heartbreaks? Confused?

Well, Twitter user @Prateek_Aaryan recently shared how his girlfriend cheated on him, and he walked away with ₹25000 as a Heartbreak Insurance Fund (HIF). Don’t believe me? Read for yourself.

What an idea!

TBH, the idea does sound wildly insecure, like somehow all relationships are doomed right at the start. But one can’t deny getting money for all that impending hurting can make the experience slightly better.

And if 500 rupees a month can be doubled because of heartbreak, we might as well risk it, if possible. Losing money is the least a person could do for hurting you. And if you’re among the few lucky ones with a healthy relationship, just go on a vacation or spend it on yourselves, guys. I think THAT should be the point of a relationship joint account if at all there is one.

Naturally, people are excited about this new concept called HIF. Here’s how they are reacting on Twitter.

Agreed, tho.

But hey, this isn’t applicable if one would run away from the deal right before breaking up. Then they’re just a jerk!

As bizarre as it sounds, would you be interested in something called Heartbreak Insurance Fund (HIF)?