In the long list of things that can be stolen, one more makes the list and is probably the most bizarre one yet. Goons from the Kharouni village in Bihar have stepped up their game and this time have stolen, wait for it, a 2km road!

bihar goons steal 2 km road
India Times

To the dismay of the villagers, some goons have used a tractor to plough the road and sow wheat fields in its place, as mentioned in media reports.

It was the only road connecting the two villages of Kharouni and Khadampur in Bihar, and villagers were using this route for years before this event occurred a few days back.

The villagers complained to the Zonal Officer who assured them to look into the situation. The officer has also promised that those responsible would be punished and villagers will be able to use the road shortly.

Here’s how people are reacting to the situation.

The villagers have urged the media to amplify the issue so that strict action can be taken on this immediately.

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