Almost every year, International Women’s Day ends up being a rather strange emotional rollercoaster of seeing brand campaigns that, frankly, don’t seem to understand the point of the day. There’s wanting to do good business and creating an interesting marketing strategy, and there’s going so far to do ‘good’ business that you forget that creativity should involve ethics as well. For instance, this year, Twitter user @gend3rbend3r shared an alleged screenshot of grocery delivery app Zepto’s Women’s Day message which involved wishing sons, fathers, brothers, husbands, and male colleagues a Happy Women’s Day.

Not only this but the post ended with an even stranger message that left people scratching their heads. The truth is that it’s unclear what the brand is trying to even convey with this message. And why on earth did they think it was effective to wish men a Happy Women’s Day?

Take a look at how others have responded:

I’m confused by this ad. I just want someone from their end to explain what it actually means.