Months after posting a cryptic message on Instagram, former Bollywood actress Somy Ali is at it again. In another Instagram post, which has since been deleted, Somy Ali accused her alleged ex, Salman Khan, of physically abusing her.

salman khan somy ali
India Times

Somy Ali and Salman Khan reportedly dated for a couple of years in the 90s. Somy shared a throwback picture of herself with the actor along with a long caption.

She wrote, “More to come! Ban my show in India then threaten me with a lawsuit, you coward piece of shit. Screw your lawyer! I have 50 lawyers here to protect me from the cigarette burns, the physical abuse and the sodomy which you put me through and it lasted for years… So go fuckkkkk yourself.”

somy ali accuses salman khan of physical abuse

She also called Salman Khan a male chauvinistic pig and called out people for supporting him. “You male chauvinistic pig.And shame on all the female actors who support this guy who has beaten several women. Shame on the male actors who support him. Bring it on you weakling and make sure you wear your insoles given your 5’6. It’s time to go to war. Go fuck yourself!” she added. She also used hashtags like predator and woman-beater in the caption.

salman khan
India Times

Back in March, she had also posted a cryptic message warning the ‘Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood’, saying that he would soon be exposed. The comments are already turned off on Somy’s Instagram, and both posts have been deleted since.