She decided to illustrate some of the essential character development moments from the series, and the results are a beautiful sobfest we didn’t know we needed: 

We all loved seeing our favorite wizard on screen but there were a few beautiful moments that the movies missed out on (which is why books > movies always).

Artist Katie Knudson from Orlando, Florida grew up reading the books with her mother.

1. When Luna got invited to the (infamous) Slughorn party. 

Also, isn’t Luna the kindest soul ever!!! 

2. When Ginny & Harry kiss after Gryffindor’s epic Quidditch win.

3. When McGonagall supported Harry. Take that Toad aka Umbridge! 

4. When Ron said the right thing, at the ‘right moment’.  

5. When Neville’s parents were introduced (*weeps uncontrollably*).

6. When Hermione defended Hagrid & showed Draco, who’s the boss! (Hermione is the Minister of Magic we need but don’t deserve). 

7. Because no one does blunt like Luna. 

8. And she deserved friends. More than anyone. #weirdbutkind FTW!

The details on these illustrations are only as great as the scenes Katie chose to illustrate. 

You can follow her on Tumblr for more of her work. 

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