Only A Real 'Engineer' Can Score More Than 5 In This Totally Basic Science Quiz

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Science subjects, engineering courses, and the many pitfalls that come with them are the "hot topic" when it comes to web series and movies, because of how relatable it is to a majority of Indian youth. 

But, while everyone relates to stories of engineering, how much of the course do engineers and science students actually remember? If you are an engineer, then your score in this basic quiz can answer that question:

1. Let's start with the one everyone would know about - what is mitochondria?

via Phys

2. What does c in the equation E=mc2 stand for?

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3. What is the unit of measurement of an electric current?

4. What is the chemical formula of Sulfuric Acid?

5. Who first stated the laws of motion?

6. Which of the following is a contact force?

7. What is force per unit area?

8. Rolling friction is smaller than sliding friction. 

via BBC

9. Which of the following can not travel through vacuum?


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