There are two type of people in this world – people who love books and people who have no idea what to do with them. It does not really matter to which type you belong as long as you let the first type enjoy their books in peace and don’t question their perfectly-understandable obsession.

In case you know a book lover (which you definitely do) or are one yourself, here are a few unbelievably cool gifts that you can give them.   

1. Candles straight from 221B Baker Street

2. An ampersand necklace that will remind one that life goes on

3. Fishbowl bookends for people who love to live dangerously

4. Arrow bookends that only point to the right direction

5. Now you can live inside a book with this book tent

6. This cushion stating the obvious that you can rub on someone’s face

7. You can have your book and wear it too with this book inside a bottle necklace

8. This bookmark that will make you see red

9. This bookmark with legs because why not

10. This book necklace that proves that books are metal

11. This upside down bookshelf because the world makes no sense anyway

12. This invisible bookshelf because what is life if not about figuring things out

13. Possibly the coolest clock on Earth

14. This book lover ring because if you like it, you must put a ring on it

15. This book ring that will let you wear your book

16. Nothing like a little grammar lesson while sipping tea

17. You can literally sleep on it with these duvet covers

18. This candle will remind you that there is an enchanted library somewhere

19. This personal library kit will help you keep notes amidst all that reading

20. This thumb page holder because God knows we needed it

21. This stamped spoon will remind you that you are what you eat

22. This necklace that only people who really love books will understand and hence, buy

23. This handy bookmark will help you pick up from where you left

24. This brooch pin that will help you attain the highest level of hipsterness

25. This chic lamp will help you read

26. And this one will illuminate things

27. This adorable phone case

28. This personalised library embosser so that next time someone borrows a book and doesn’t give it back you can catch them red-handed

29. This library due date phone case that will make you feel guilty for your past mistakes

30. This very cool book scarf

31. This coaster set of existential crisis

32. These book match boxes

33. This magical Kindle cover

34. And this vintage one

35. The invisible paper weight

36. These pencils will help you memorise an entire book

37. Ladies, now you can wear Mr. Darcy among others

38. This temporary tattoo because nothing is permanent anyway

39. This book box because treasure chests are so last minute

40. Let Kurt Vonnegut find the answers to your life’s questions with this bottle opener

Time to throw Book Lovers Anonymous into frenzy!

All images sourced from BuzzFeed, Popsugar. and EBook Friendly.