Even Board Exam Toppers Can't Score More Than 5 In This Basic Maths Quiz

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If you were the kid who had the answer to a question ready even before the teacher was done writing down the equation, then this quiz should be as easy as the table of 5. 

1. What is the smallest prime number?


2. Pick the value of pi: 

3. Which of the following is not a basic trigonometry ratio?

4. What does the O in BODMAS stand for?

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5. In 5678, what are the face value and place value of 5?

6. You have to calculate the probability of drawing a face card from a pack of 52 cards. What denominator will you use in your calculations?

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7. Which of the following numbers has no divisibility rule?

8. What is the degree of a straight angle?

9. In the following image, name the part highlighted from A to B. 

10. Based on both, sides and angles, how many types of triangles are there? 

Let's see what you scored! 


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