In 2015, media baron Peter Mukerjea and Indrani Mukerjea were arrested for the murder of Sheena Bora (the latter’s daughter), and the sensational case was handed to the CBI. At the time, 3 top cops involved in the case were all accused of close social links with the accused.

Hindustan Times

The then Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria has now released a new book, claiming that Joint Commissioner Deven Bharti had been informed about Sheena Bora’s disappearance.

According to NDTV, Maria was dramatically transferred from the case via an SMS a day after interrogating the accused. In his book Let Me Say It Now, Maria (now retired) details the interaction he had with Peter during interrogation, when Peter admitted to informing Deven Bharti about Sheena Bora being missing, all while Bharti is also in the room.

Free Press Journal

The alleged conversation went something like this.

“Your son comes and tells you that his fiance – your stepdaughter – is missing. And you do nothing about it?’ I asked him. 
“No sir. Not that I did nothing,” said Peter. 
“What did you do?” I asked him. 
‘Sir, I had told Deven!’ Peter answered looking at Deven Bharti, Joint CP (Law and Order).”
I looked at Deven with a quizzical look on my face, but he was poker-faced. And silent.

Indian Express

Deven Bharti, who is the current head of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), has denied the accusations, and dismissed the contents of the book. 

He claimed that the whole investigation team was aware of every development and were on the same page, adding,

Mr Maria belongs to a family linked with Bollywood and, it seems, scriptwriters have a great influence on him. In addition, it appears to be a marketing strategy for the book as well as the web series, which attempts to grab more eyeballs rather than placing facts.
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Despite the denial, Maria has stood by his accusations. Since 2015, the murder case trial has been underway in a special CBI court at Mumbai.

The book also claimed that LeT planned to project 26/11 as a Hindu terror attack, and Ajmal Kasab was supposed to die as Bengaluru’s Samir Chaudhari. However, his capture foiled that plan.

Maria’s memoir claims that LeT was working with Dawood Ibrahim to eliminate Kasab, as he was the key evidence linking the attack to Pakistan. The LeT had also reportedly planted fake ID cards with Indian addresses on the terrorists. 

Swarajya Mag

In another excerpt, Maria details how he arrested Sanjay Dutt and got him to confess to his role in the 1993 blasts, during which he had stored a large cache of weapons in his house.

In an excerpt given to Scroll, he talks about arresting Sanjay Dutt straight from the airport and not letting him talk to his family for a day. He claims that Sanjay kept denying everything, up until Maria slapped him and gave him a warning. After this, the confession apparently came pouring out. He also got him to confess a 2nd time in front of his father, Sunil Dutt.


So yeah, this man appears to have had quite a storied life, if all the accounts in his book are to be believed.