English is not our first language. But, that has not stopped Indians from taking over the language and making it our own – whether that is by mixing Hindi words to develop “Hinglish” or the other extreme, using words that even native English speakers don’t use regularly. 


Yes, Twitter user Inika talked about how she experienced the biggest “culture shock” when she realized that “thrice” is actually not a word people commonly use outside of India. 

*I’m thrice as shocked as you are!*

Pretty soon, people were responding to the tweet with other words that are far too common in India. But don’t find a place in everyday conversations between native English speakers. 

*Kya karun main marr jaun, meri koi feelings nahi hain? Tumhari English, English, meri English archaic?*

In fact, this Quora thread actually provides a pretty extensive list of all the English words and phrases Indians seem to have a monopoly on: 

Though this answer certainly takes the cake: 

Just to clarify, these words are not incorrect, but most of these are considered archaic. And at times, used incorrectly by non-native speakers. 

For example, you don’t “revert back”, you simply revert or respond. And there is no such thing as a “good name” because well, all names are good, right? (Except perhaps your ex’s). 

Anyway now you know! So is there a word you’ll add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.