While we bibliophiles love a good shopping spree when it comes to pre-loved books, we also dread it because it can be pretty exhausting and time consuming. I mean, haven’t you ever looked at a newly bought book and thought to yourself ‘I could have totally gotten it for much cheaper if I could find a second-hand version’?

Well, we’ve all been there and done that.

That’s why when we heard of BookChor, we had to tell you about them!


If you’ve been looking for an online store for second-hand books, this is your one-stop-shop. Not only do you get books for a great price, you can also request for the book you’ve been wanting to read. Moreover, if you own a book that you feel needs to be read by more people, you can always donate it.

What else? If you want to make a quick buck by selling your old books, you have the option of selling your books to them!


And it doesn’t end there.

They have books starting at just ₹ 64 and if you log on to their site on sale day, you could get lucky with deals as low as ₹ 38. Moreover, they send across a personalised note with each book. Not just that, they also add in some cute goodies that all bibliophiles would love to get as a surprise! 

This includes bookmarks, posters and even coffee mugs.


And for those who love a little bit of surprise when it comes to ordering books online, you can opt for a blind date. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. You can choose a genre based on the five prompts you see but you won’t know which book you’re receiving till the point it’s delivered at your doorstep and you open up the cover!

Quite cool, ain’t it?