Are you from Delhi? Did you get a new job? Are you starting college? Do you have to move cities and shift to Bengaluru? A new place with a new culture, it could be daunting, I understand. If that’s the case, then you would need some advice from people who have been at your place. So, here is some advice from Quora, if you are shifting from Delhi to Bengaluru.

1. “First of all, people are very nice if you are nice to them. They can be harsh too if you misbehave. So, treat people the way you would like to be treated.” – Aditya Mishra

2. “Learn basic Kannada. It will help a lot otherwise there might be communication issues.” – Nitish Kumar


3. “Here people take the local language, movies and actors very seriously. Avoid making comments on that if you don’t want to get into trouble.” – Aditya Mishra

4. “Always carry an umbrella and a light jacket in your bag. You never know with the Bengaluru weather.” – Aditya Mishra

5. “If you like drinking hard liquor, your monthly budget is going to skyrocket. Switch to beer, it’s cheaper.” – Aditya Mishra

6. “Avoid Ola & Uber as they could be very costly instead use Bounce or Vogo.” – Balkrishan Chauhan

7. “Be prepared for traffic jams – It’s a part of life in Bengaluru.” – Rutwick Gangurde


8. “If you’re taking your vehicle to Karnataka, get it registered in Bengaluru.” – Nitish Kumar

9. “Keep the BMTC website handy to learn about all the bus routes and timings.” – Balu Mahender

10. “If you need books, Avenue Road is the place for you. Here you can find books at really cheap rates.” – Balu Mahender

Bengaluru is the Silicone Valley of India, full of opportunities and possibilities. Make use of everything it has to offer. 

And yeah, the localites don’t like it when you call it Bangalore, so switch to Bengaluru.

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