When you go off to study far from your home, your hostel becomes your second home. Some of the lucky ones don’t have to face the issue like hostel-ki-daal and live a very comfortable life, thanks to their hostels. Here are some of the campuses which have the best hostels in India. 

1. AIIMS Delhi

AIIMS Delhi is one of the few colleges in India which also provides single occupancy hostel rooms. It’s a co-ed hostel, and the fee is around ₹5,000 for 5 years. You can even make any non-structural modifications to your room like painting, flooring, etc.


You can also have AC, fridge, microwave, etc in your room. The hostels are at a prime location with no timing restrictions and all the sports options you can think of.

2. AIIMS Patna

AIIMS Patna provides single occupancy room to every student from the first year itself. You can do non-structural modifications like wall painting, lighting, decorations, etc. You can install AC, refrigerator and heater inside your room as well. You will have to pay ₹10,500 per annum as electricity expense though in case you install an AC. 

3. IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad has a heritage campus designed by the renowned American architect Louis Kahn in the 60s, along with a new campus. The hostels have all the basic amenities with a picturesque view.


4. IIM Vishakhapatnam

IIM Vishakhapatnam‘s hostels probably have one of the best views in the country, thanks to their location. The hostels have sea-facing rooms with air conditioners. The hostels were earlier hotels and the cleaning service there is also of that standard. There are also living rooms where students come together to chill or an evening of PlayStation. 


5. Infosys Mysore

Infosys Mysore is not precisely a college but is like a second college for everyone who attends it. It is India’s biggest training campus with a capacity to train at least 10,000 students. It has a vast campus with hostels. The hostel provides room service, so you will always come to a clean and well-made room, no matter how big a mess you create. 


6. IIT Indore

IIT Indore provides a 5 BHK unit to accommodate 5 students where each student gets a room along with a common area. The units are well equipped with all the basic amenities, sofa, refrigerator, etc, and each of the rooms comes with its separate washroom. The hall also has gyms, sports and medical facilities.


7. Jadavpur University Kolkata

All the other hostels mentioned on the list might have had more modern and luxurious looking hostels, but this one is a bit different. It is one of the most economical hostels in the world. Each student gets a single room with the room fare being ₹15 per month, the internet fare being ₹5 per month and electricity being ₹5 per month, making accommodation affordable for everyone.

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