Juggling with work while keeping our personal lives healthy, isn’t the easiest task. Often times, we have so much on our plates that it seems like we’re leading two different lives. And, the only solution seems to be a work-life balance. Which again, doesn’t come easy.


Belgium is now among the countries that are offering a four-day work week. The idea is that employees who are requesting a four-day work week will be expected to work longer hours but won’t lose any salary. The reform is a part of the agreement that focuses on making the labour market more flexible. A step in the right direction to achieve the work-life balance. 

The goal is to give people and companies more freedom to arrange their work time.

-Prime Minister Alexander De Croo


However, employers can practice the right to turn down employees’ requests for a condensed work week, given that they explain their refusal in writing. But, this still means that extended weekends can be the new normal. Additionally, employees will be able to turn off their devices or ignore work-related messaged after work hours, without a fear. According to a document released by the federal government, the reforms won’t be implemented immediately.


Sounds like a plan?