“Unpaid internship is exploitation and no one should apply for them.” Sound advice you would have heard from many. Sensible too. But this Redditor had advice to the contrary. According to them, unpaid internships are actually useful and you should apply for them. Before you start fuming, listen to their reasoning, it actually makes sense.


So, according to them, you can use unpaid internships to practice your interview skills. And if you get an offer, you can just tell them that you can’t work for them because you got accepted for a paid internship.

Good advice, right? You won’t just get to practice your interview skills, but you’ll also get the chance to get back on people who exploit young talents in the name of an unpaid internship. Win-win!

And Twitter is also in favour and tried to reason with the ones who weren’t.

If you are questioning this, unpaid internships ARE unethical, and you can definitely use them for interview practice. 

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