Patna-based YouTuber and teacher Khan Sir has recently been in the news for allegedly inciting student protests. The FIR stated that it was evident from the statements and video clippings accessed by the police that ‘agitating students along with coaching institute owners plotted a conspiracy to carry out large-scale violence in Patna to threaten law and order’.

Khan Sir From Patna's Khan GS Research Centre
India TV News

Although fact-checkers have stated that the video, based on which a case has been registered against him was edited and shared out of context. 

Why is Khan Sir famous? 

Well, Khan Sir is famous for coaching students preparing for various competitive examinations using YouTube and other digital media to reach out to students. According to The Print, he also runs a popular coaching centre in Patna ‘Khan GS Research Centre’ and is well known for his unique brand of teaching. 

Khan Sir From Patna's Khan GS Research Centre

What is Khan Sir’s real name? 

He has never revealed his real name and most people know him as just Khan Sir. However, many have claimed over the years that he is actually a resident of Gorakhpur, UP and his real name is Faisal Khan. 

Khan Sir has always maintained that it’s the coaching institute he’s associated with, that has refused to divulge any information regarding his real name, address or any other personal details for that matter. 


How much does Khan Sir earn? 

While it is very difficult to know what he makes from the institute, given the secrecy around his very name itself, according to certain reports, his net worth is around $2.2 million. He also reportedly makes Rs 10-12 lakhs a month from YouTube.

In 2020, Khan Sir was ranked 8th in the list of India’s top 10 YouTubers. 

Khan Sir

Not much is known about Khan Sir’s family either. However, there are certain claims that his father was in the army, as is his brother. 

In the early days of his teaching career, Khan Sir did not have a lot of pupils, however, his unique and effective teaching style meant that he soon had a coaching center of his own. 

Khan Sir From Patna's Khan GS Research Centre

While the institute might have made him popular, real fame graced him when he started his own YouTube channel. That said, his statements on YouTube have not always been about teaching. He has often been accused of being misogynistic and Islamophobic. 

Khan Sir had also earlier courted controversy when he released a video ‘explaining’ security lapse in PM Modi‘s 5th of January visit to Ferozpur, Punjab. In the video he had said:  

The PM’s convoy took the road to the National Martyrs Memorial in Hussainiwala since weather conditions did not allow his chopper to take off. The incident was a big security lapse as protestors were given access to the PM’s route while the route clearing team of security personnel gave assurances to SPG that the route is clear. 

Last year, he had made some statements regarding the mass protests that took place in Pakistan, that was termed Islamophobic, leading to many raising questions about his real name and identity.