Shark Tank India season 1 was a refreshing change for prime time Indian television. It was the show that brought the entrepreneurial conversation to Indian households. Along with that, it also changed the revenues of the businesses that appeared on the tank. Here’s the before and after of some of the brands that appeared on the tank. 

1. Get-A-Whey

Get-A-Whey is a simple kitchen experiment turned into a super healthy ice cream brand. It was founded by two siblings Jash Shah and Pashmi Shah Agarwal, with their mother Jimmy Shah. It received funding of ₹1 crores for a 15% equity from sharks Ashneer Grover, Aman Gupta and Vineeta Singh.


Before coming to Shark Tank India, Get-A-Whey had a monthly sales of ₹20 lakhs, but after tank, its monthly sales increased to around ₹80 lakhs – ₹1 crore. Its distribution has also increased from 3 cities earlier to 19 cities now. 

2. Skippi Ice Pops

Skippi Ice Pops is India’s first ice popsicle brand. It was also the first brand that received an All Shark deal on the show. It received ₹1 crore funding in exchange for 15% equity. The Hyderabad-based startup is founded by Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra. 


Before coming to Shark Tank India, Skippi had a monthly sales of ₹4-5 lakhs, which increased to ₹70 lakhs per month, after tank. Its earlier regional distribution has now converted into international exports to Uganda, Nepal, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

3. Auli Skincare Solutions

Auli Skincare Solutions is an active Ayurveda brand which is cruelty-free and handmade. It was founded by Aishwarya Biswas. It received funding of ₹75 lakhs for 15% equity. Before coming to the show, it had a monthly sales of ₹10-12 lakhs, which increased to ₹30-37 lakhs, after Shark Tank India

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4. Brainwired

Brainwired monitors the health and reproductive cycle of cows. It was founded by Sreeshankar S Nair and Romeo P Jerard. They onboarded three sharks, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, and Ashneer Grover for ₹60 lakhs for 10% equity. 


Before coming to the show, they had a monthly revenue of ₹1-2 lakhs. But after Shark Tank India, their monthly sales increased to ₹35 lakhs on an average. They are also starting international export soon.

5. TagZ Food

TagZ Food is a popped potato chips brand. It was founded by Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia who impressed shark Ashneer Grover and received a deal of ₹75 lakhs for 2.75% equity. After coming to the tank, its monthly sales have seen 3x growth. It has also scaled its distribution from 6 cities to 20 Indian cities, along with Dubai, Kuwait and Australia. 


6. The Sass Bar

The Sass Bar is a dessert soap brand founded by Rishika Nayak. It offers a range of delicious-looking handmade soaps. It received a deal of ₹50 lakhs for 35% equity. Before coming to Shark Tank India, its monthly sales were ₹6 lakhs, which increased to ₹10-20 lakhs per month, after the show. 

7. Heart Up My Sleeves

Heart Up My Sleeves is a detachable sleeves brand offering fancy, reusable, and innovative sleeves. It was founded by Riya Khattar, who impressed shark Vineeta Singh, and received a funding of ₹25 lakhs in exchange for 30% equity


Before coming to the show, Heart Up My Sleeves was having a monthly sales of around ₹1.5-2 lakhs with local distribution, which increased to ₹6-7 lakhs and is now distributed on Nykaa Fashion, Myntra, etc. 

Coming to tank has truly changed the fates of these brands!

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