In a fast-paced economy where inflation keeps going north, all you really want is a job that pays you well. These days people want to be fair wages, and rightly so. However, not all jobs pay equally. Jobs that are rooted in science, technology, engineering and management tend to pay higher than those jobs that are based in humanities.


We found a Reddit thread where Indians discussed some lesser talked-about jobs that pay you a handsome amount. Some of these sound lucrative. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. “Pilot is underrated. You can join a flight school right after 12th and become a pilot in your early 20s. Airlines are expanding a lot in India so demand is certainly there. It’s a great job and they earn solid money. The only catch is that flight school costs ₹40+ lakhs, so not every family can afford it.” – RaccoonDoor


2. “People that work in off-shore oil rigs are very well paid.” – cineman195


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3. “Merchant navy had good pay in the last decade. But now it’s not that much. The working conditions are tough. You will be at sea for four to six months continuously. It takes a toll on your mental and physical health.” – BuggyIsPirateKing

Doon Defence Academy

4. “Top law firms pay a lot and with faster career progression than engineers or doctors. The work hours are a killer though.” – Lazy_Disaster6798


5. “I am a content writer and earn ₹3 lakhs a month. The reason I was able to jump to this salary was that I vowed to never ever work for an Indian company again. I relentlessly applied to companies based in the US and Europe. Two years later, here we are. My last salary with an Indian company was ₹77k a month with 12 years experience.” – Ok_Warthog4250

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6. “Dog walkers in a premium locality.” – Dense-Ad-2385

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The Wildest

7. “Management consulting. The pay is insanely high for what value they bring to the table. Prepare for CAT, score 99.5+, and get into a top college. Management consultants are paid ₹30 LPA straight out of B-schools to make PPTs and do Excel data analysis. They get to stay in 5-star hotels for free and yeah, work 15 hours daily.” – the_freddie

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8. “Chartered accountants can earn quite a bit. I know people who are working with management reporting profiles, getting ₹50+ LPA with 10 years of experience. However, just like other professions, only the cream of the top gets that kind of package. The only good thing about CA is that its cost is much lower than many other qualifications mentioned here.” – YesterdayDreamer

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9. “Bankers are well paid starting from the mid-level. You can enter with any qualification, but you’ll have to slog for a few years before you make it. You’ll have to really earn that promotion, spending time in the industry itself will not get you there.” – YesterdayDreamer

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10. “I can confidently say that the high post police officers and IAS/IPS earn the most amount of money.” – HostileCornball


11. “Photographers nowadays are charging a fortune. Just for soft copies of photos they charge something around ₹5k to ₹15k for outdoor photos.” – ConsistentPositive78

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Nature TTL

12. “Real Estate.” – dietpanda3

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13. “It has to be High Frequency Trading firms. Their starting salary is about ₹60 lakh. You need to be really good at maths and coding with a bit of knowledge of finance.” – rebgaming

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14. “Product Manager at top companies.” – GeoggiOS

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15. “If you have an aptitude for maths and statistics, actuarial science is a fantastic field. It pays very well, though the studies are very tough as you might expect. Not a lot of competition due to a lack of awareness too.” – Wrathofvrael

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These options have really made us rethink our career paths.

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