Looking to venture into a new career? Maybe you are out of school, looking for the best career options for yourself. Or just looking for which the best career options are right now. Whatever be the case, here are some of the highest-paying jobs in India in 2022 that you need to check out, for they are only gonna flourish in the years to come.

1. Software Architect

The world is running on software and the dependency is only gonna increase in the coming future. To live in a tech-savvy world, you need people to make it possible. That’s where Software Architects come in. Software architects provide software and their work generally involves coding, creating new web services, etc. 


To become a Software Architect, you must hold an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or related fields. You also need a good knowledge of operating systems such as HTML, JavaScript, C++, etc. The starting salary is around ₹9 lakhs per annum, and the average salary is around ₹24 lakhs per annum.

2. Solutions Architect

Are you a planner or are you an executor? If you are both, then the Solutions Architect’s job is an ideal one for you. A Solutions Architect helps businesses to identify problems and provide solutions for the same. 

Eastern Peak

To become a Solutions Architect, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or information technology. The annual starting salary is around ₹5 lakhs, which increases with skills, experience and creativity. The average salary is around ₹20 lakhs annually, which can go as high as ₹26 lakhs per annum.

3. Commercial Pilot

If your dream job includes travelling around the world and enjoying new experiences, then Commercial Pilot is the right choice for you. To become a commercial pilot, you need an undergraduate degree in a Science related field, along with a Commercial Pilot license from a recognized institute and other mandatory licenses. 

Egnatia Aviation

The salary is also a very lucrative part of the job, with the entry-level salary starting at ₹15 lakhs with less than one year of experience. It can go as high as ₹50 lakhs per annum as you gain more experience.

4. Management Consultant

Management consultants help organizations to improve their performance and to help them achieve their goals and objectives. To become a Management Consultant, you need a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Business or a specialization in Economics, Finance or Accoounting.


The starting salary of a Management Consultant is around ₹7 lakhs per annum and goes as high as ₹23 lakhs per annum with experience. 

5. General Surgeon

Being a doctor is unarguably one of the most respective jobs in the world, and one of the highest-paying jobs as well. You need an MBBS degree with internship experience and an MS in General Surgery to become a General Surgeon. 


According to MoneyView, the starting salary of a General Surgeon is around ₹11 lakhs per annum. With experience, their salary can go as high as ₹24 lakhs annually. 

6. Data Scientist

Data Scientist is a growing field right now. Data scientists are analytical experts who use technology to find trends and manage data. It is one of the highest-paying IT jobs in India. The starting salary is around ₹6 lakhs, with the average salary being around ₹9 lakhs per annum. It can go as high as ₹20 lakhs when you gain more experience.


The good thing about this job is you don’t need any specific graduation qualifications. You can do a course in data science and you would be eligible for jobs as here your skills are the most important requirement. 

7. Data Engineer

Data Engineers build systems that make use of the data provided by the Data Scientists. To become a Data Engineer, you need to have a BTech degree or a degree in computer science or a related field. The starting salary is around ₹5 lakhs and goes around ₹20 lakhs with experience.


8. Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountancy is one of the toughest exams in the country and resultantly the remuneration is equally rewarding. The gap between the demand and supply of CAs in the country also adds to the lucrative remuneration. 


To qualify as a CA, you need to pass all the levels of the course along with completing a three-year articleship. The starting salary of a CA in India is around ₹7 lakhs per annum. With experience, this salary increases to around ₹20 lakhs per annum.

9. Investment Analyst

Investment Analysts monitor the market trends and help clients with their financial assets. They use the obtained data to help clients make sound financial decisions. To become an Investment Analyst, you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in economics, finance, accounting or any other related field.


The entry-level salary of an Investment Analyst is around ₹6 LPA. Their salary can go up to as high as ₹25 lakhs per annum as they gain more experience.

10. Corporate Lawyer

Not a new and hip course but one that has stood the test of time. Corporate Lawyers have been there for a long time and are still as relevant as ever making it one of the highest-paying jobs. To become a corporate lawyer, you need to have completed an LLB. 

Legal Desire

The starting salary of a corporate lawyer is around ₹6 lakhs per annum. But with experience in the field, the repute and the remuneration both increase and can go as high as ₹12 lakhs per annum on an average.

All of these are some of the highest-paying jobs in the country right now. Depending on your interests and skills, you can choose either of them and excel in your chosen career.

Note: The information in this article is curated from MoneyView.

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