By now, we know enough terrible employers out there would love to squeeze every ounce of your energy into making profits. By default, they also keep a dysfunctional HR department that only works until you get into the company. After that, they ghost you like your ex, who has removed his DP and doesn’t respond to your texts.

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But today, we have a worse story. A sadistic HR wants to deprive employees of music cos they think it’s distracting them into unproductivity. A Reddit user, u/chinmaysonlyfans, posted a screenshot of the email on the r/mumbai community & it’s honestly frustrating.

Take a look.

HR banning headphones email reddit

While listening to music may be distracting for some, it’s honestly a remedy to cut out background noise and concentrate on work for others. But if you’d rather ask employees to abandon headphones during work, don’t blame them if they take all the meetings on loudspeakers. As our school teachers used to say, your office would turn into a fish market. AS IT SHOULD.

HRs seek to a healthy work environment, and then they do this. Force a textbook idea of productivity onto the employees. The

A good many Redditors are also bummed with this notice Here’s how they’re reacting.

reaction HR banning employees to use headphones
Redditors react to HR banning employees to use headphones
Reddit reactions to HR forbidding headphones
Hr wants to ban headphones, redditor react
reactions reddit

HRs who sent this notice remind me of my school’s P.T. teachers. Only they had this uncanncy obsession to ‘discipline’ everybody.

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