With work from home gaining momentum, employees can work from literally anywhere. But the flip side is that the boundaries between working hours and personal time constantly keep getting blurred. And in India, where organizations pride themselves on having a poor work culture that squeezes the life out of its employees, this does not come as a surprise.

This is what happened when a Twitter user shared a screenshot from his office WhatsApp group. The screenshot shows how an employee was asked to do something at 10 PM – much beyond the working hours.

The screenshot shows a colleague asking someone to complete a task at 10 PM. One of the colleagues mentioned how they will do it the first thing in the morning. While the other mentioned how they do not have access to their laptop. The user who shared the tweet replied saying, “it’s 10 in the night. Will be done first thing tomorrow.”

Now you might think that the task must be urgent. But to quote the colleague, it was “a very simple (t)ask”. To shed more light, the task “simply needs to be shared. Nothing major”.

Much to the displeasure of the colleague, they did it themselves. But this sparks an important conversation around setting professional boundaries. Twitteratis shared their two cents.

It’s 2022. Organizations should respect working hours and not expect employees to be available at their beck and call after official hours.