UPSC Prelims Exam is the first step towards fulfilling the dream of becoming an IAS officer. The syllabus is wide, encompassing almost everything under the sun. Since the exam is of objective nature, candidates can make use of some tips suggested by those who have cleared it.

Anupam Sharma, an IFS officer, is doing a great job by posting his analysis of questions from CSE Prelim Exam and offering certain useful tips.

In this question on ‘palm oil’, he explained how candidates can check if there’s any possibility of a statement being true.

You will find some lengthy questions in UPSC Prelims. Many aspirants do not attempt these questions thinking they might waste a lot of their time. 

Anupam Sharma shares a trick here. Checking the Hindi translation helps at times.

In another question, he explained a few tips on guessing if the question setter has changed the data in the questions.

In questions where multiple statements can be true, he suggests understanding the psychology of the question setter.

In a question about symbiotic relationships, he urged aspirants to look at the practical side of questions and not just give up because of the lack of bookish knowledge.

In some questions, you need to make a thoughtful guess. Sometimes, correlating questions & options may give us the answer.

The elimination strategy also comes to the rescue when you are confused between some answer options.

I am not saying that you do not need to study and only these tips would help. These tips and tricks will just help you apply the knowledge you already have better.