A Linked user named Prasad Jambhale shared an emotional note for his mother, who cleared her SSC exam and scored 79.60 percent.

We already know of the lengths our desi moms go through to make us happy. They can adjust to everything and anything that comes their way. And this inspiring story of a 53-year-old woman who cleared her Secondary School Certificate (SSC) education will fill your hearts with respect and love. 

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Due to financial constraints, she had to leave her studies mid-way and start working to look after her siblings. 

The story goes back to when my mother was of the age 16 years, her father died and the financial crisis followed, to ensure that her siblings continue their education, she had to quit the education and start working.
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Last year, when she got to know about the new government scheme that allows people who have not completed their SSC to reappear, she immediately signed up for it. The cost of offline and online training and study materials was provided free of cost. 

Narrating his mother’s dedication, Prasad, who lives in Ireland, said he didn’t know about this until he returned to India for marriage.

I came to know about it just recently when I was about to get married before her exams. Whenever I was in Ireland and used to call during Indian night-time, I used to ask where’s mom? And I was told that she has gone for a walk, I thought that’s odd that she got interested into walks. Little did I know that she was attending night school. She even managed to keep this secret hidden for a month from my father and brother, who stay under the same roof.
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He further shared how even after so many years, her grasp of learning subjects was brilliant. And she was among the bright students in the batch.  

One day when I was back in India, she showed me her notebook and I was amazed to see how good she was in Algebra and English. And to tell you, her exams were in March and my marriage was in February she managed to do all the multitasking needed.
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She even performed her duties at her son’s wedding and scored a whopping 79.60 percent. 

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