If you have grown up in a desi household, you know how mothers love their Tupperware ka dabba more than you. From reusing things to recycling one, Indian mom’s jugaad proves how creative and talented they are.

We have compiled a list of incidents where our desi mom’s jugaad left us in splits and yet won our hearts. 

 1. This bottle of vodka was spotted during a pooja where the mother stored oil for devotional rituals. Call this a jugaad and a perfect lesson by desi mom. 

2. Who needs a gas or a stove when Indian moms can make hot chapatis straight out of a fireplace?

 3. Because Indian moms always find a way to win your heart! Though the mother-in-law could not cook non-veg but still impressed us with this heartwarming gesture. 

 4. That’s a perfect visual to define optimum utilisation of sunlight by our Indian moms. 

5. Festivals call for some good food, and only Indian moms know the real hacks. It’s intriguing to see even with the minimal supplies our moms are great innovators.

6. Ever wondered how a gym cycle can be used to grind flour? Watch this innovation below:

 7. Just little things we learn from our Indian moms. Did you know? Rice water can provide nutrients and minerals to your plants.

8. Who could tell it was a pyjama before? Btw, that’s a great hack to reuse old clothes.

9. I am not crying, you are!

10. That’s a perfect metaphor for how our moms create comfort in our discomfort moments.

Indeed we’ve got so much to learn from our mothers!

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