‘I get it from my mother’ is a common phrase we use to talk about all the wonderful things we learned from our mothers. Be it a food recipe or optimism to deal with challenges: they prepare us for the world. 

People on Reddit are sharing some wholesome things they learned from their mother, and we couldn’t relate more!

1. “When I would come to my mother with a dream, she would treat it like a goal and ask, “How, exactly, will you do that?” She taught me that I had to plan and prepare and work to achieve my desires, and now I go through life embracing challenges without feeling daunted by them because I know to take things one step at a time.”


2. “My mother raised me as a single mother, and I definitely learned the value of independence and being reliant on yourself as much as possible. It forces you to learn so much, from finances to housework, etc. and it can be a really empowering feeling.”


3. “Something that I’m very grateful for is my mother teaching me proper manners. For example, no matter how shit my day is or how rude they’re being to me I will NEVER take it out on a cashier, I will always come up to them with a smile, say hello, thank you very much, and goodbye. Just because you are having a shit day doesn’t give you the right to take it out on people that are just doing their jobs.”


4. “She’s taught me a lot but off the top of my head, she’s taught me a lot about being financially responsible and just financial literacy in general. Especially useful since we’re not taught that in public schools.”


5. “My mom taught and teaches a lot about relationships, whether they’ve been romantic ones or just friendships. How to separate yourself and your view and try to see things from their perspective, and to overall be a person that people can count on. She taught me how far patience can go. Seeing her with my dad every day taught me what love looks like and what goes into building it. My parents honestly never fought throughout my childhood or now. They’re complementary opposites.”


6. “Do your own filing. Know where your important documents are and the basics of your insurance policies, car registration, etc. Keep track of your periods at least three months out of the year as you get older.”


7. “How to cook, without recipes (excluding baking). I almost exclusively cook without any recipe at all, because she taught me how things interact and what flavors work with what. How to fix mistakes too!”


8. “If someone brings you food in a food container, that you know you have to give back to them, never give it back empty. Maybe it’s a rural thing, my mom taught it to me, and from that point every time I get something from someone when I return it, I bake some pie, or muffins and stuff that container.”


9. “When I was a child, mum said “if you get lost, find a woman with children and ask her for help”. I think it’s good advice.”


10. “Never, ever let yourself become financially dependent on a man. You never know when they’ll wake up and leave you, or die, and you’ll be left with no money, no skills, and no way to start over.” 


11. “Your body doesn’t stop growing until your mid-twenties. The weight you gain in your late teens to early twenties isn’t “getting fat” or “the freshman 15,” it’s your body still growing and you aren’t meant to weigh what you weigh at 18 for your entire adult life.”


12. “Always keep some extra money in cash out of eyesight, so you’ll forget it’s there until you actually need it.”


13. “Your life as a woman doesn’t revolve around men and it is okay to not be attracted to them. I’m a lesbian and my mother accepting me and letting me know it’s alright to marry another woman made me happier than any other time I can remember in my life.”


14. “Never ever doubt your own intuition, if something feels wrong it is wrong. This has gotten me out of a lot of potentially bad situations.”


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