Jugaadu Kamlesh appeared in the first season of Shark Tank India. He received an investment from shark Peyush Bansal and a lot of love from the viewers of the show. How a guy from a remote village of Maharashtra went on to a show and began his entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration for many. Today, we look at Jugaadu Kamlesh’s life before he appeared on the show and how it took him years before he became an overnight success. 

It took me 10 years to become an overnight success.

-Jugaadu Kamlesh

Kamlesh wanted to work for the Indian Army but couldn’t.

As we know from Kamlesh’s appearance on the show Shark Tank India, his brother is in the Indian Army. Just like his brother, Kamlesh also wanted to serve the Indian Army. He used to work hard towards that goal. But an accident occurred, and he lost two toes, and with that, his dream of serving the Indian army was also lost.

Jab sapna tootta hai naa toh bahot bura lagta hai.

-Jugaadu Kamlesh

It took Kamlesh a year to recover from his broken childhood dream. Someone told him that he should go for a BCA degree through which he could get a good job, and so he took an admission in BCA.

Kamlesh couldn’t understand anything in BCA, and failed.

Kamlesh had joined the BCA course, but the lessons were taught in English, and that turned out to be a big problem for him. He couldn’t understand what was being taught in the class. 

He already felt inferior because of his farming background and the clothes he wore. He used to sit on the backbench, and the teachers didn’t even know that he is a student in their class. 

As a result, he failed 4 papers of his course. He reappeared for these exams several times but he couldn’t clear them. As a result, he had to drop out of college.

He discovered his love for acting while in college.

There was a gathering happening in his college, and Kamlesh, who had always been filmy, decided to participate in it. Since he had only approached the coordinator a day before the gathering, he was told he couldn’t audition and participate. 

Kamlesh being the jugaadu Kamlesh that he is, started auditioning there itself. Since he was good at acting, the coordinator allowed him to participate. And thus, his dream of becoming an actor began, and he decided to go to Bombay.

Log bolte the ki ye acting achi karta hai to mai khud ko actor samajhne laga.

-Jugaadu Kamlesh

The trip to Bombay and the ordeals he had to face.

To fulfil his dream of becoming an actor, Kamlesh went to Bombay. He stayed with his relatives for a day, but the next day they threw him out. Kamlesh called a friend of his who took him home.

Kamlesh was rejected from the audition because of his clothes, background and his lack of acting skills. 

Kabhi kabhi mai sochta tha hum kisaan me kyu janme, hum kisi bade aadmi ke ghar kyu nahi aaye.

-Jugaadu Kamlesh

Kamlesh felt bad about his appearance and his farming background. It made him wonder why wasn’t he born into a rich family. After being rejected, his friend lent him some money, and Kamlesh came back home with another broken dream. 

Kamlesh and his family got scammed in the name of a job.

Someone approached Kamlesh and his family with a promise of securing a government job for Kamlesh for ₹1 lakh. His family somehow arranged the money, but that person turned out to be a con. They got scammed and lost the money and his original documents. 

India Times

The incident that tarnished his image.

With the Army dream gone, the acting dream broken, and getting conned in the name of a government job, Kamlesh decided to open a hotel. He loaned some money from his family and started a hotel business. 

The hotel was going good. But Kamlesh’s friends framed him in a case that tarnished his image in the entire village. Things went so bad that Kamlesh wanted to take his life. He tried to commit suicide, but the thought of his parents and stopped him.

Helping his father led to the beginning of Jugaadu Kamlesh.

After being disappointed in every other aspect of his life, Kamlesh decided to help his father in farming. When he held the pesticide can, he realized how heavy the 20 litre tank was and how hard it was for his father and the other farmers to carry it on their backs all day long. 

Mai agar apne papa ki takleef kam nahi kar sakta hoon toh mera unka beta hone ka kya fayda.

-Jugaadu Kamlesh

Kamlesh along with Naru decided to make the pesticide spray cart to help his father. And that’s when Jugaadu Kamlesh’s entrepreneurial journey began. 

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