Life at work is like a see-saw. Some days, you will be soaring heights of success, but there will be days that will be challenging when you’ll be overwhelmed by cluelessness. We all spend the most amount of time working. Whatever our professions may be, they demand commitment, resilience, hard work, dedication, and time. 

Speaking of work, Redditors are discussing great life lessons they learned from employment. You might wanna check these out.   

1. “Work to live, don’t live to work.”


2. “Work is a means to an end. My job isn’t a part of my identity. The question we ask children “what do you want to be when you grow up?” is complete bs.”


3. “It’s important to be assertive, don’t assume you’ll get the promotion or the raise, you won’t unless you push for it and have clear concise communication.”


4. “Family is more important than any job, no amount of overtime or extra shifts can account for missed family time and events. Missed too many weddings and other family events before I realised this.”


5. “I worked for a company that worked me like a dog, had no regard to training me for success in the industry, and my manager was horrible. Now I work for a company that treats me extremely well and I have a manager that values training and making sure I am successful. It’s crazy what a difference it makes.”


6. “Your employer and managers are not friends. Keep quiet about your personal life.”


7. “HR works for the company, not for you. Don’t overshare on situations as it can and likely will be used against you, if you are the more expendable one.”


8. “Enforce boundaries to keep a good work life balance otherwise you’ll be chewed up.”


9. “Everything. In. Written.”


10. “People that toil away in the back don’t get noticed. If you go out of your way to go above and beyond for a project, make damn sure the bosses know about it. It’s ok to put in overtime or do extra work, but only if you get credit for it, and only if that credit is remembered when it’s time for raises or bonuses.”


11. “When you join a company you set a specific bar for performance and that’s your baseline going forward. You want to work hard enough that people never need to question your ability but not so hard that you can’t wind up coasting. You want to become confidently anonymous.”


12. “No job is worth your mental health. Examine the situation and adapt as required. Is it the job itself or some faucet of the job that breaks you? If the job or the environment itself causes your mental health to suffer, bounce. Not worth it.”


13. “Don’t ever trust future promises from your bosses. They are going to tell you what they need to tell you to shut you up in the moment.”


14. “If you work hard, you’ll be rewarded by getting to do other people’s work as well. And no, that does not equal more money.”


15. “Use your benefits. They’re part of your total compensation package. You earn sick days and vacation days. They aren’t gifts from the employment fairies. Find out what else you are entitled to from your employer- education, discounts, legal assistance, etc. There’s more to compensation than just a paycheck.”


16. “Don’t ask to take vacation days. They’re yours, just take them. You probably won’t be fired and if you are, you’re better off working somewhere else anyway.”


17. “You’re probably going to hate something about every single job you have. Learn to figure out what you can deal with and what your deal breakers are. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”


We’ve only got one life so we better make the most out of it. Work is just an ingredient in our recipe for life. Work is not life.