There was a time when Engineering and Medical were the only two options given to a student. Thankfully, the times are changing now. We have so many more career options, some high paying as well that don’t even require a college degree. But there are also career options that are generally neglected simply because there’s not much information about them.

Someone asked about careers that are often overlooked but are unexpectedly lucrative, and Redditors had the answer. 

9 Overlooked But Highly Lucrative Career Options

1. Mining Engineering

If you are interested in geological science, mining engineering could be a good option for you. There is a lot of demand for mining engineers currently but very less supply. You have great opportunities abroad as well especially in countries like Australia if you go for mining engineering. 

2. Taxonomists

If you are planning to work abroad, especially in the US, you can become a taxonomist. It is almost unheard of and the demand is very high. A taxonomist is someone who studies different types of living organisms and classifies them according to their characteristics.

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One especially lucrative career is grass taxonomist. The average salary of taxonomists in the US is around $70,000 annually. 

3. Water Treatment Operator

A water treatment operator works in a water treatment plant performing different jobs like adding chemicals to the water in order to disinfect it, regularly inspecting the equipment of the water treatment plants, ensuring environmental laws and regulations are followed, etc.  

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A water treatment operator’s job pays well and has great demand all over the world.

4. Pest Control 

Not many people go for this field but almost everyone needs a pest controller at one point or another. There’s a subfield of pest control as well, that is rodent control, all you have to do is chase away the mice and get paid handsomely for it.  

Truth be told, I’m also ready to pay a good amount to chase away those mice. 


5. Travel Agent

Some people might think, why do I need to pay a travel agent for something I can do myself online? The answer is to save time. On average, a person spends three days planning a vacation. And people who value their time more than their money are ready to pay for a travel agent’s services. 

6. Radiographer

Radiographers are allied health professionals who take x-rays and other medical images to aid doctors in diagnosing disease and injury. There are high demands for radiographers both in India and abroad. 

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7. Degree in Mathematics or Statistics

If you have an analytical mind and a keen interest in mathematics and statistics then the opportunities for you are endless. This degree is widely applicable and transferable to many fields and sectors. You can get a job as a data scientist/analyst for advertising startups, big tech companies, insurance, pharmaceutical, and even manufacturing companies.

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There are ample job opportunities in every sector due to the huge dependency on data.

8. LookDev Artist

A look development artist or LookDev is responsible for defining the look of computer-generated creatures or objects so that all the artwork in the film or TV programs is consistent. According to Glassdoor, the average monthly salary for LookDev artists in India is around 70,000 rupees.

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9. Land Surveyor

Land surveyors measure and map the shape of the land and gather data for construction projects so that accurate site plans can be drawn. Land Surveyor is a lucrative job and you can earn good money both in India and abroad.

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Now could be a good time to get into these fields as most of them are facing a scarcity of talented people. These jobs are around us but we often overlook them because they are not that highly advertised. Develop the skills required for the job of your choice and each of them will help you earn good money.