Landing a dream job is not everyone's cup of tea. However, while some of us may try a couple of times before giving up because 'it's not meant to be,' a man in the US kept chasing his dream job until he finally cracked it after 39 rejections. 

Tyler Cohen, a resident of San Francisco, US, was desperate to join Google. In a now-viral LinkedIn post, he shared a screenshot of a series of rejection mails from the tech giant with one final selection email at the top in his 40th attempt. 

There's a fine line between perseverance and insanity. I'm still trying to figure out which one I have. 

Previously, Cohen worked as an Associate Manager of Strategy & Ops at DoorDash. However, he kept manifesting his dream until it became a reality.

While some considered this kind of drive and the company's hiring process a little crazy.

US man lands dream job in google
Source: LinkedIn
US man gets selected in google after 39 rejections
Source: LinkedIn
selection after 39 rejections
Source: LinkedIn

Others were just happy and congratulated Cohen for his dedication.

man cracks dream job after 39 rejections
Source: LinkedIn
man gets google after 39 rejections
Source: LinkedIn

Even Google had something to say about it.

US man lands job in google
Source: LinkedIn

Not everyone can pull this off. I mean, will you be willing to apply to the same company again and again after multiple rejections? No wonder his story went viral. He has proved 'kisi chiz ko sache dil se chaho, toh kainaat use tumse mila hi deti hai!'

Howsoever you may feel about this, the man has the dedication and motivation most of us don't have.