An aimless scroll on LinkedIn and you are bound to find at least five “motivational” posts by hiring managers where they claim that they offered a higher package to a prospective employee who was apparently underpaid at their previous organization.

Taking a diss at these posts, a LinkedIn user put up his version of these motivational posts. Krishan Kumar took to LinkedIn and posted how he interviewed a candidate who was getting ₹10 LPA at her previous organization. The candidate asked for a hike and asked for ₹15 LPA. But just like the hiring managers on the platform, Krishan offered her ₹30 LPA.

The candidate refused to take a hike in salary this huge, so much so that they go into an argument. A phenomenon that is seen only on LinkedIn posts and never in reality, just like a unicorn. Finally, the candidate asked why the manager is being generous when she is ready to work for half the price. The manager answered, “Didi, mujhay LinkedIn pe post daalni hai, please maan jao na” (translation: I want to post about this on LinkedIn, please take the offer).

The post, clearly, is a parody and a roast on such motivational and inspirational stories that form the bulk of LinkedIn where hiring managers toot their own horns. The post went viral and has received more than 36k likes, more than 1k comments, and more than 200 shares. While others understood that the post is just a satire, some took it quite literally. The man played along.

While others kept guessing if the incident was real or not, the supposed candidate posted her point of view.

Real or not, motivational posts on LinkedIn should start with being believable.