Have you ever thought about how so many jobs are incredibly well paid, whereas others are severely underpaid (but also so, so essential)? Well if you have, you’re not the only one because there is a whole Reddit thread devoted to this topic. 

Here, take a look at how Reddit user u/nweike asked others what they think is an overpaid job:

1. “Influencers. If you even consider that a job.”

– Little_Raspberry

2. “Soccer/football players.”

– MissInfer

3. “CEOs in general.”

– caballera123

4. “Celebrities.”

– LM-C 

6. “Politicians.”

– Athleticathiest82

7. “Hospital management. The bedside staff deserve a bigger cut of what they get.”

– MooMilly

8. “Realtors.”

– 1PrincessCuppieCake

9. “Pharmaceutical industry, and essentially any type of senior management and CEOs.”

– insomniahag

10. “University administrators and board members.”

– ColdCarrot89

11. “Most nonprofit consultants. I have been in nonprofit and education for almost two decades, and the amount of checks I have had to sign off on or file an expense report for some “expert” coming to drop off some bullsh*t is unbelievable – anywhere from $150-THOUSANDS an hour.”

– dazedandconfuzed420

12. “Bartender over here. Making close to 100,000 a year and I can’t even believe this is real life sometimes.”

– succulent8bitbooty

13. “Investment bankers.”

– bratsche528

14. “Techies.”

– politics_junkieball

15. “Lawyers.”

– lolaleb

Now there needs to be a thread telling us why these jobs are so well paid, what is the reason!